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About Earthstompers

Earthstompers Adventures is a South African tour company, specializing in tours of the Garden Route & Addo Elephant National Park since 2006. We offer a scheduled group tour departing every Monday from Cape Town, as well as private tours, perfect for school or university groups, family vacations, honeymoons, or small group travel. Earthstompers is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Hendrik & Chrissy Human.


It all began at Stellenbosch University, 2001. Hendrik had an assignment in his tourism course to write a business plan for a tourism company. Hendrik is a Mossel Bay boy at heart, and thinks there’s no more beautiful place than his home on the Garden Route, so he decided to make his business plan an adventure tour company offering trips along the Garden Route. After university, and a few years of guiding for other tour companies, Hendrik decided to put that business plan to work, and founded Earthstompers Adventures in 2006. In those early days, it was just Hendrik and his trusty blue VW bus! 



The second chapter in Earthstompers history began in 2012 when Chrissy came from her home in Kansas City, United States as a tourist…fell in love…and decided to stay in South Africa. Chrissy took over the business affairs of Earthstompers, including financials, website, social media, and scheduling. Gone are the days of Hendrik’s hand-written calendars and boxes full of receipts!


These days, Hendrik & Chrissy operate Earthstompers together, along with the best group of guides you will find on the Garden Route. 




Stephanie is our senior guide, and a real expert on the flora & fauna in South Africa.  It is a pleasure to go on a game drive in Addo Elephant Park with her – bring a notebook!  She is also expert in maneuvering a big bus with a trailer, and it is awesome to watch her impress the old guys with her driving skills. :) Stephanie’s background is in overland tours in Southern Africa, and she also hails from Mossel Bay on the Garden Route.


Nicole has been guiding tours along the Garden Route and Addo since 2008, and has worked for Earthstompers for many years.  Nicole is just about the warmest, most friendly South African you are ever going to meet and an expert in many fields. Nicole’s daughter Georgie was born in February 2015, so she is off the road for the time being, but she will always be part of the Earthstompers team and she regularly helps as consultant.



Charlene is a trained wine maker, specializing in wine tours, but also an expert along the Garden Route with many Garden Route and Addo trips under her belt. She has a background in overland tours in Southern and Eastern Africa, and enjoys getting to meet like-minded travelers and show off our beautiful country.





Rochelle has recently joined the Earthstompers mix. She is fresh from the corporate world and loves the freedom and lifestyle of being able to guide and having nature and wonderful company as part of her daily office setup.




Franzio’s Earthstompers journey began as a tourism student at Boland College-Paarl Campus. Franzio is the top student of this year’s graduating class, and had the opportunity to do an educational week in the Earthstompers office. He was such a big help that we gave him a job! Franzio helps with the administrative details of organizing tours.






Our guests

Enough about us - the most important people on tours are our guests. Whilst we do many private, customized tours, our most popular tours are group Garden Route & Addo tours. Our guests come from all corners of the world, including Germany, England, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, and have at least one thing in common - the love of travel. Our average age is 33, and 70% of our guests are women. We often get solo travelers, groups of friends, or families, such as a young professional and their parents. Beyond the great food, great accommodation, beautiful scenery, and unique activities, the highlight of the week for many people is the other guests on tour.


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