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Team Time & Potjie Competition

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The Earthstompers team got together on Sunday for our bi-annual catch up and review of our Safety Management System. Hendrik & Chrissy arranged a “Potjiekos”  competition (traditional one-pot-wonder stew, made over the fire) as the event of the day.

The Earthstompers Team was divided into 3 teams and each got to select ingredients for our potjie in a specific order. Team 1 chooses their main ingredient first, team 2 chooses their veggies first, team 3 chooses their spices first. We were provided with a whole pantry of beautiful food products that Hendrik packed out for us, from which we could select our ingredients. Each team received their pot and work station and could choose the Veg, Lamb or Chicken pot to prepare. We had 2.5 hours until we had to present our potjie to the judges who were Chrissy, William and Hendrik 😀

We all enjoyed collaborating and seeing what the others came up with!

The competition was tight, the wine was delicious and the company, the best! A proper Sunday Funday with dancing and celebrating life and an incredible team.









The judging was taken very seriously 😉







I think we found some hidden talents in this team of ours! All three pots were excellent! Great flavor, colour, well cooked and beautifully presented. The veggie pot and lamb pot were tied in first place, and the chicken pot came in at a very close second place. But most importantly, we had time to visit and celebrate together. We made a short video about the day – check it out here

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