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At Earthstompers Adventures value and respect the natural environment, and seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of our tours and operations. We are always striving to be “greener” by doing the following:

  • Mimimizing waste:  Earthstompers staff take reusable water bottles and coffee cups on the road, to minimize the use of disposable cups. We also have reusable shopping bags, so that we don’t take a plastic bag from the till. We encouage our guests to do the same – Earthstompers branded water bottles, coffee mugs, and shopping bags are available for purchase while on tour!  🙂


  • Minimizing water use: we wash the outside of our tour vehicles only once per tour, using grey or recycled water. (Don’t worry, we regularly clean the inside of the vehicles, and windows will always be kept clean for a clear view of our beautiful country.)

  • Carbon offsets: We give our guests the opportunity to offset a portion of the carbon emissions of their tour by purchasing trees through Greenpop for planting in South Africa.  Trees can be added to your bill when booking your tour!

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