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Mandela Day

Today we celebrated Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the first one after his passing. It’s a tradition to do 67 minutes of service to the community on this day, in commemoration of the 67 years that Mr. Mandela spent fighting for freedom. Earthstompers has participated in different community projects for each of the last three years.

We were invited by The Backpack Cape Town to an event organized by Uthando South Africa at Isikhokelo Primary School in Khayelitsha Township. The school has an existing community garden, which they wanted to expand. We worked with the primary school students to dig up patches of grass and plant herbs, vegetables, and flowers.  Many hands made fast work, and we had some very enthusiastic shovelers in our group!


The students gave us a warm reception back in the school hall, showing off their singing, marimba playing, and dancing.  My favorite was the “Gum Boot Dance.”

I must say, I feel that the students gave me more than I contributed to them. It was a really lovely event, and I was impressed by the school the headmaster, the students, and Uthando’s organization. I want to make it a habit to do service to the community more regularly.


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