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Is the Earthstompers group Garden Route Tour right for me?

This is a question we get often. Who will be on the tour? What age are they? Are you the right fit for Earthstompers’ very popular Garden Route group tours? โ€ฆor should you rather book a private or customized tour?

These tours are great for solo travellers, couples and small groups of friends who want a budget-friendly way to see the highlights of the Garden Route in a relatively short amount of time.

This is an active tour. It is best suited towards those who like to be on the move, and can comfortably walk, carry luggage, get in and out of the vehicle frequently, etc. The group is a mix between backpackers and guest house clients, and ages can range from 18 to 65.

We can accept guests as young as 14 on group tours, as long as they are traveling with a parent or legal guardian; and as old as 65, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to enjoy the tour. (Please chat to us if you are older than 65, but are fit, healthy, and ready for an active week of adventure. We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis). Our groups range between 4-12 people, with most guests hailing from Europe, America, Canada, and Australia. You will have the opportunity to travel with a diverse group of people from all over the world.

Have a look at the below graphs that provide more detail on who you can expect on the seat next to you:


How old are guests that usually join our tours?

Who travels more, men or woman?

What accommodation type is popular to book?

How many people will be on my tour?

Where do the guests on tour come from?



After reading this blog you will have a good idea of whether or not this tour is a good fit for you. If you would like something more luxurious, flexible, or at a slower pace, please reach out to our consultants and inquire about our private tour options. Private tours offer exclusive services to you and your guests and allow complete flexibility in the tour itinerary. We have a variety of tour options in Cape Town and the Garden Route as well as safaris in the Eastern Cape & Kruger, ranging from 1-day tours to multi-day tours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

*source: Earthstompers statistics, calendar year 2023

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