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Earthstompers Adventures welcomes guests from all over the world. We aim to be an inclusive company, so guests of all cultures, religions, orientations and races to feel welcome. Most of our guests are people who share our ethos for responsible travel, who like to support local businesses when they travel, and who care for the environment.

Group Tours

Our most popular tours are our group Garden Route & Addo tours.

The most frequent question we get – “Who is going to be in the tour bus with me?!” Our guests on group tours come from all corners of the world, including Germany, England, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe, and have at least a few things in common – a love of travel, adventure and the environment. Our average guest age is 33, and 70% of our guests are women.

We often host solo travellers, groups of friends, couples, or young professionals on our group tours. These tours are a great way to meet other people and share your travel experience. Beyond the great food, great accommodation, beautiful scenery, and unique activities, the highlight of the week for many people are the other travellers on tour. You go from strangers on day one, to friends by day six.

Private & Customised Tours

Although we got our start as a budget/adventure tour company, today about 40% of our business is private, luxury tours and safaris. We offer many different types of private and customised tours, where we welcome families, groups of friends, couples, university groups, business travellers or special interest groups from around the world. These tours can be customized according to interest, length of stay, pace, and budget (anything from backpackers to 5-star luxury). These tours are a better fit for travellers who have their own group they would like to travel with, or who would like customized service. Some of our favourite private tours focus areas are:

  • Food & Wine tours
  • Hiking tours
  • Mountain biking or e-biking tours
  • Golf tours
  • Honeymoon special experiences
  • University or college educational travel
  • Women’s travel
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Our Guests

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Our Guests

So, who comes on Earthstompers tours anyway?

I’ve been keeping statistics about our guests since the beginning of the new year, so that we can get a better idea where our guests come from, how old they are, and how they heard about Earthstompers. I’m curious to see the trends over time.

March was an awesome month for us:

    • Total guests: 44
    • Gender: 30 women, 14 men
    • Average age: 32
    • Nationality: (the Germans win, as usual!)
      • 12 Germans
      • 7 Americans
      • 6 Brits
      • 4 Norwegians
      • 2 Dutch
      • 2 Australians
      • 2 South Africans
      • 2 Swiss
      • 2 Canadians
      • 2 Danes
      • 1 Egyptian
      • 1 Austrian
      • 1 Russian


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