Whale watching – Hermanus, South Africa

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Whale watching – Hermanus, South Africa


This week, I went on a whale watching boat trip in Hermanus with Southern Right Charters.ย We offer this trip as an optional

activityfor our guests on tour every Monday in whale season, which lasts from roughly July to December along the coast of South Africa.

I’ve seen whales from the shore in Hermanus area, but it is really special to be able to see these huge creatures up close from the boat. They say that the Southern Right Whales that we see along the coast are ten times as big as an African Elephant – weighing about 45 tons each!

We were lucky enough to see three different species of whales on our trip – Bryde’s Whale, Humpback Whale, and Southern Right Whales.

We also got to see a variety of behaviours: breaching, spyhopping, and tail slapping.

Thank you to Robin and the team at Southern Right Charters for having me along, and for taking great care of our guests week after week!



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